Our ability to provide real-time data access and bulk digital data delivery to our clients is second to none. Though our secure FTP site, we are able to provide 24/7 access to all of your most current project data. In addition, our online database allows us to provide real-time, web based data, reports, document access, and GIS maps necessary to make critical operating decisions through all phases of your project.

Pre-formatted and customizable reports allow for easy analysis and reporting on all details of your project. Time consuming data entry tasks are simplified to eliminate redundancy, allowing for increased broker productivity and more accurate reporting. In addition, all of your digital documents are readily accessible and organized in one place.

One of the databases most powerful features is their GIS integration. We pair your GIS project data with the data platform to give you a current visual representation of your project data though a web-based interface. You can run reports and perform analysis directly from the map, and no prior experience with GIS platforms is necessary for you to utilize the tools available with this powerful platform.

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